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Xeglyze® Lotion


  • Xeglyze® is a novel, patent protected product approved by the FDA in June 2020.
  • Xeglyze® is a pediculicide indicated for the topical treatment of head lice infestation in patents 6 months of age and older.
  • Single 10‐minute application and no nit combing required.
  • Product contains abametapir, a new chemical entity with a novel mechanism of action with a low chance of resistance occurring.
  • Abametapir inhibits metalloproteinases that have a role in physiological process critical to egg development and survival of lice.
  • Cosmetically pleasant lotion formulation with sufficient volume in each bottle to treat either short or long hair from a single prescription.
  • Strong publication support, with key phase 3 and ovicidal studies published, augmented with a recently published third‐party review.


There are approximately 100m+ infestations globally each year with substantial social cost. In the USA alone, there are 6‐12m cases annually with more than 7m treatments annually.

Recently, resistance to current products containing permethrin, malathion & pyrethrin has been increasing, and treatment failure drives patients to seek physician advice.


The existing products on the market are only effective against lice only and not eggs, and most products require repeat treatments to break life cycle of a head lice infestation, leading to poor compliance which adversely affects efficacy.

Breakthrough Therapy – Safe and Efficacious

  • Unique and clearly differentiated
  • NDA Approved by FDA & Dossier available for immediate submission in ROW territories
  • Manufacturing supply chain established

Comprehensive Commercial Protection

  • US granted patents provide protection through Dec 2033
  • Patents granted in most major jurisdictions, including China and Japan
  • US NCE data exclusivity, expiring June 25

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